VNC over NAT: Repeater and Listen Mode Connection

Establishing secure VNC connection has become one of the major concerns of all modern corporate and individual users who constantly work or cooperate through remote screen sharing interfaces. Currently Network Address Translation (NAT) is widely utilized as a method to connect multiple PCs to the Internet or some IP network via single IP address.

Establishing VNC remote access can be complicated, especially when firewalls and NAT routers are involved. Our VNC software is able to establish connection even in such case when one or both computers have no dedicated IP address. This gives an opportunity to perform remote PC administration, remote control and provide user support in networks with different settings. Our software provides efficient method for AbtoVNC Viewer to straightforwardly connect to VNC server over NAT. This VNC NAT traversal option will successfully work without any router modifications.

There are two methods which allow reaching remote desktop behind NAT: Listen Mode and connection via the Repeater.

VNC Listen Mode’s Major Features

If it’s impossible to access VNC server (due to firewall or NAT), reverse connection can be accomplished. Remote viewer runs in VNC listening mode initiates connection with the server. There only few simple steps to do that:

  1. go to tab “direct connection”
  2. check the “Listening” checkbox
  3. specify listening client port
  4. press the key “Start listening”

VNC through NAT Connection via Repeater

If server and client are both hidden behind NAT, the only way to establish connection is to use VNC repeater.

For establishing session via repeater just go to tab “Connect via repeater”; check the “Use proxy” checkbox and specify the following:

  1. IP address of the host, where the repeater resides
  2. the repeater port (default value 5901)
  3. ID of the session, which should be agreed with remote partner
  4. password

Use Our VNC Software to access Remote Desktop through NAT

You can effectively utilize our VNC software for establishing uninterrupted and secure connection with the remote desktop. Listening mode and repeater NAT traversal options allow to easily reach remote desktop over NAT and work with files and programs on the remote PC, control the desktop, conduct online meetings or provide technical support to distant users.