Business solutions

AbtoVNC SDK is a set of versatile development kits adapted to build custom remote desktop software for iOS, Android, and Windows. These SDK are called to implement several important functional features to VNC software you build. Obviously, these key features are also considered to be business applications for the VNC products developed with our SDK.

Use AbtoVNC SDK to develop software for:

SSH tunneling secure connection

AbtoVNC Viewer for iOS SDK has built in SSH tunneling feature that provides secure connection between server and viewer. That enables high level of VNC connection security and enables a usage of such remote desktop software with confidential data. This is great deal for corporate needs when the security of information is one of the most vital goals. Share your screen safely!

SSH tunneling feature could be included into AbtoVNC SDK for other OS by individual order.

VNC connection through NAT

We provide a vital remote desktop feature – VNC over NAT which enables to establish connection even with or from computer that hasn’t separate external IP address. This is achieved by using Repeater and Listening Mode.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is the most basic feature of any remote desktop software so we took care to provide the most reliable and fast VNC connection enables to share screen of your PC with AbtoVNC Server for Windows. Easy, fast and strong remote desktop connection is perfect for business and comfortable for personal usage.

Remote access and administration

AbtoVNC SDK is a good tool to develop remote desktop access software and systems. There is a possibility to establish a stealthy connection to remote computer and perform hidden remote monitoring – this option is provided by individual request. Such facilities enable to build truly custom remote access solutions that give you a wide range of monitoring and remote administration features.

Remote support and assistance

Use AbtoVNC SDK to develop remote support and help desk systems. Rich set of features and flexible interfaces allow to integrate VNC technology into remote assistance shells even into most sophisticated ones. In such complex cases we able to provide you with a dedicated development team to customize our SDK and make it fit your individual requirements.

Online meeting and conference

You can use AbtoVNC SDK to build online meeting and online conference solutions as well. Desktop sharing facilities of that development kit let you create online meeting software of full value.