Reliable data protection with remote desktop through SSH

Nowadays, when the security of transferred data is becoming a growing concern, many protocols are developed to combat the risks. One of the most popular and reliable ones is SSH.
SSH is a protocol for secure network communications designed to be relatively simple and inexpensive to implement.

How it works?

SSH provides 3 ways to authenticate the client by: ip address of the client, client’s public key and a standard method of security password. When requesting a connection, the client receives the list of supported authentication methods from the server and chooses the one it prefers. By default, the client first attempts to authenticate his address, then the public key, and if anything does not work, sends the password entered from the keyboard.

Tunneling VNC Connections Over SSH

Thus, you can redirect any traffic, all you need is to include these options in the server and client files configuration. Tunneling VNC over a SSH connection allows you to use VNC to access your computer with all traffic strongly encrypted, and optionally compressed.
SSH is one of the most commonly used encryption protocols. It provides great flexibility and versatility for a wide variety of tasks, including file transfer, remote administration and web development.

Possibility to encrypt all transferred data with new iOS Viewer`s SDK features.

ABTO Software presents new release of AbtoVNC Viewer for iOS SDK which supports built-in SSH tunneling. We have updated our for iOS SDK and added the ability to encrypt connections to remote PC using the SSH protocol, so that all data transferred between the Server and Viewer transmits through the secure channel. We recommend you to use the VNC with SSH if security is important to you.
SSH tunneling can be implemented in our other VNC product`s SDK by individual order. With this flexible and efficient SDK with SSH you can build the VNC software for various OS and implement secure remote access to PC an easy way. VNC tools made with our SDK will become an integral part of your business workflow and daily activity.