abto VNC server – powerful screen sharing software

Remote desktop VNC server for Windows

Powerful screen sharing software for private and corporate users

ABTO Software is pleased to present the best in class VNC server for Windows that allows you to access remote desktops regardless of your location, change settings and share desktop with the remote user.

Explore strong possibilities of our Windows VNC Server software:

  • desktop screen sharing by accepting remote partner direct connection
  • screen changes update is improved for Windows Server 2008 x64
  • desktop sharing using repeater
  • complete compatibility with Windows 7 and 8
  • user-friendly interface
  • HTTP tunneling. (This feature might be useful in case the host LAN or computer is protected with firewall and direct access to non-HTTP external ports is prohibited)

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Powerful VNC software for fulfilling your business and individual needs

We provide a wide range of VNC-based solutions for corporate and individual users including our Windows remote desktop server software. It guarantees robust connection with the remote PC and let you to accomplish total control over its work.

ABTO Software`s remote desktop server can be accessed directly, in listening mode and via repeater and operates even under NAT. Our VNC server software supports all the latest technologies and all Windows OS versions.

AbtoVNC server can become an irreplaceable assistant for numerous institutions varying in scale and industry. This is one of the most secure and robust VNC server solutions working well for helpdesks and companies. VNC server software for Windows manages connections from the viewers of different vendors. Using our top-notch VNC server you will be able to access remote desktops from any location and seamlessly work with documents, files and applications.

We are glad to inform you that our license is royalty free. Multiple copies of the end product may be distributed. For more information concerning price list please proceed to our How to buy page.