ABTO Software’s VNC SDK to build custom VNC server and VNC viewer solutions for Windows, Android, and iOS

AbtoVNC Server SDK for Windows

Build custom VNC based remote desktop server applications or software components. Secure remote access, wide range of useful features, fast connection, NAT traversal and lot of other benefits in AbtoVNC server SDK.

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AbtoVNC Viewer SDK for Windows

Great choice for custom Windows remote desktop viewer development. Intuitive GUI, secure connection, locked PC access facility and other useful features combined in one solution – AbtoVNC Viewer for Windows SDK

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AbtoVNC Viewer SDK for Android

One of the best-in-class remote desktop development kits for Android mobile and tablet devices. Rapid VNC connection, NAT traversal facilities, full compatibility with VNC servers of any vendor make AbtoVNC based apps so attractive.

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AbtoVNC Viewer SDK for iOS

Create custom iOS remote desktop solutions for iPhone, iPad and iPod with AbtoVNC viewer for iOS SDK. High level of VNC connection security is provided by built in SSH protocol feature. Powerful, flexible, affordable iOS VNC solution.

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